Nursing Expertise Essay

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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale
Valerie Reigle
HCS/350-Health Care Communication
Frances Johnson

The Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale and Reflection was an interesting assessment on my nursing skills. The questions that were asked in the scale were difficult to answer based on the grading scale. Overall it was a good reflection of how I approached my patients and utilized my skills. After completing the nursing scale, I realize that there are some things that I need to do different. For example, question number six mentioned, “Emotional attachment to get in the way of good care.” (Hansten, 2009, pp. 175-176) I feel that is a question that is difficult to answer because a nurse needs to have an emotional attachment to connect. The reason we became nurses is because we care for others and we want to care for their health. We came into this field with an emotional attachment. I will continue to treat my patients how I would like to be treated and show them the respect they deserve being under my care. Every nurse is different in how they treat and care for our patients. We all have procedures and guidelines to follow by as a health care professional, but we use our own instincts in other areas of care. Another question that came to mind was question number three. It states, “Quality nursing care results from strictly adhering to policy and procedure.” (Hansten, 2009, pp. 175-176) This is another question that I believe is false. Quality nursing care is seen in policy and procedure, but you cannot teach a nursing student compassion, empathy, sincerity and trust. Quality nursing encompasses all areas not just policy and procedure. A patient is a human being and should be treated as such. If we were only to follow the policy and procedure, we lose our human kindness because all we see if black and white letters telling us how to do our

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