The Pros And Cons Of Alexander Hamilton

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“When America ceases to remember his greatness, America will no longer be great.” This was said by Calvin Coolidge Americas 30th president speaking about Alexander Hamilton. And that is exactly what Hamilton was. Hamilton was a great man with great ideas. He worked from poverty to riches symbolizing the American Dream. He was one of the founding fathers and helped create the greatest republic throughout history. AMERICA. As his story is so inspiring coming from no where and building his way up to the top he creates and teaches a commending belief that if you work hard enough and have a final goal you can get to where you want to be. Hamilton wanted a free and well ruled country called America. And that is exactly what he intended to get. I believe Hamilton’s…show more content…
But it also depends on what kind of government there is. He believed in a strong federal government. There are many advantages to this. For instance, with this, its very easy to regulate business and taxes. By this I mean a society lives off each other. Businesses make things happen. They create things and give adults jobs. These adults now have money to start a family. Their kids can go to school so when they get older they can have their own businesses. Without taxes none of this could happen. Taxes fund the schools and with just one of these steps missing a society could not run. Another advantage of a strong federal government is that it creates law and structure. Without this there would be nothing stopping people from going around and murdering. It also makes it easier to run an army. Without an army we would be defenseless from attacks. Lastly, A strong federal government can help to unify the country under a single government, instead of just a weak group of states connected by their borders. Without this we wouldn’t be the United States of America. Just the land where it could
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