New York Colony

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The New York Colony New York is one of the best states in the US, but how was the colony of New York? The American dream is the idea that anyone can achieve success through hard work. In the New York colony, everyone wanted to succeed; therefor, they tried their hardest to make the colony work. The American Dream today is when you work, you will succeed. This means to me that I will try my hardest to succeed in change me, to change the world. The New York colony and the American Dream are different but very similar in religion, education, and food an important way; both achieved success with hard work. New York was very religious. When they went to church, the Puritans went to the meeting house for service. Now there are churches of all religion all over New York! Religion has spread a lot through peoples beliefs. In church, there where hymns to sing, but outside of church music was not allowed. You can hear music everywhere now. Music in the colonies was probably very simple, but now there are all sorts of things to make music. Religion has a strong impact everywhere; even in the colony life. Education is one of the very important things in life. With very few free public and private schools in the colony there were usually only two books; a Bible and a primer. Now books pile up for school. There were a lot of changes in education like the books and teaching skills but still all for the best. Kids were taught what their fathers did for a living so they could carry on the family business. Learning whatever you like is now allowed like being a doctor, dentist, and veterinarian. Choosing your career is you choice, but you can still follow in the family business. Education is a very necessary essential for life. Food in the New York is too necessary. People who caught fish could sell and buy goods at that market. Going to the store now you can by tons of food
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