The Importance of the Ninth and Tenth Ammendment

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The Importance of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments The ninth and tenth amendments of the United States Constitution are vital in the running of the U.S. government. The ninth amendment states that all of the rights stated in the Bill of Rights are not the only ones that American citizens are entitled to, some were just not mentioned. In no way are those rights to be treated as less than that of the rights stated before the ninth amendment. The tenth amendment states that the federal government’s power is limited only to what was put into the constitution. The states have more power within themselves, and can set some of their own laws, giving more power to the states. The ninth amendment is important because it gives American’s more rights than just what was stated. If the Bill of Rights were the only rights the citizens got, there would still be many more limitations on what Americans can and cannot do. This gives more power to the citizens and it takes it away from the government. Many of the states were concerned about the government having too much power, and by allowing the citizens more power than just what was stated in the Bill of Rights, it ensures that the government will remain in check. The tenth amendment took power away from the federal government and gave more power to the states. This is what makes the American constitution so unique because it restricts the main government, unlike how it was in Britain. This was the most important addition to many representatives, as they would not sign the constitution because they feared the government would overpower the states, and it would be a repeat of everything they were trying to free themselves from. Luckily, the tenth amendment has made sure that will never

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