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The Negative Effects Of Facebook Essay

  • Submitted by: MANTAWI
  • on May 2, 2011
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "The Negative Effects Of Facebook" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The negative effects of Facebook

The article “The negative effects of Facebook” written by Christina Pomoni talks about the effects of Facebook on the people who use it. The main aim of the article is to convey to the reader that Facebook is addictive, it could take over your life and is sometimes not appropriate. Once you start using it, you cannot escape it. She talks about Facebook as if it is a prison for its users. She also used a chatty, informal style to get the attention of young people since they use Facebook a lot and are trapped by it.

She achieves her aim by including several situations and examples that show how Facebook could overpower you and trap you. She gave a situation where having a Facebook profile is inappropriate. At the beginning she created a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by using an imagery in which you were   sitting   with your “favorite”   cup of coffee and “relaxing your brain”. She also used an alliteration which is “cup of coffee caressing...” to make the atmosphere calm and peaceful. She then conveys to the reader how Facebook users can't stop using it by saying that they have joined for almost two years and use it nearly “every” Saturday which also shows how overpowering Facebook is. She also described Facebook as a person by saying “since it joined your life”.Its as if Facebook is a person that you love and whatever they do to you, you will still love that person. It   seems like Facebook plays with you and you can't stop it. “and this goes on and on”. She also said that your “degree of addiction” changes which suggests that Facebook is more like a drug, the more you use it the harder it is to stop using it. “Facebook is now part of your life” that cannot be changed easily, depending on your addiction.

The writer stressed about the addiction of Facebook at the end of each paragraph emphasizing her point. She also wrote about a situation in which you realized that Facebook had “cornered” you, and that it was “choking...

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