Why The Catcher In The Rye Should Be Banned

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To Whom It May Concern: Do you want your children and students getting an extra dosage of vulgar language, sexually rated scenarios, and issues that are awful enough to cause depression? In the book The Catcher in the Rye all of these issues are present. Everything from filthy language written on walls, to the purchase of a prostitute, all of this is present in this novel. This book is not helping solve the issues that teenagers are facing in these days. That is why it should be banned from schools across the country. The language in this book is anything but mellow. A variety of different words and phrases have been used. The language that is being used today in the halls, on the field, and on the streets is not mellow either.…show more content…
The book that students are reading talks about losing virginity and other topics dealing with sexual intercourse. In one part of the book Holden purchases a prostitute for a quick throw. Even though nothing happens with her, Holden still recalls on past times when he could have taken a girls virginity or lost his own. These are not the kind of things that you teenagers to be hearing in a nation, with an increasing teenage pregnancy population. Throughout the book depression is a big issue for Holden. It has also become an issue for American teenagers. Depression brings up the thought of suicide, which also seems to be a problem with American teens. A number of times throughout the book Holden has even said how depressing certain situations where. It has been said that when hearing about depressing or sad things it makes others sad or depressed as well. So in a way a depressed person who reads this book can in fact become even more depressed. All in all this book adds to teen depression, adds to teenage pregnancy and adds to the usage of vulgar language amongst teens. This book should be taken out of the school curriculum to help make Americans young adults lifestyle more
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