How Social Media Hurting Our Society

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How Social Media Hurting In Our Real Life An interesting fact that says, more than 350 million Facebook users suffer from Facebook Addiction Syndrome (Brown p.1)! It shows how the social networking sites like Facebook are taking control over our life. These social networking sites are virtual communities that help and encourage its user to share their personal information, making new friends and communicate with other users. However, its role is very questionable. There are many reasons to worry about it. This social media is hurting our society in such way that it causing harm to one’s privacy, it disseminates misinformation, and effect on student’s grade. It is clear that social media is hurting our society by putting one’s privacy and security at risk. In the article “Teens Privacy Is Threatened by Social Networking” author Peter Bazalgette said, “Can you truly delete entries from social networking sites with the confidence they no longer exist on a server somewhere? You cannot” (Bazalgette p.1). It says that what have put online once is permanent and there is no assurance that the post, tweet, photo, video or anything can ever be removed from the cyber world. In this way, social media is threatening the privacy of society by pulling out the unwanted past in future. The author also says about the new generation, “a generation is voluntarily surrendering its privacy on a hitherto unimaginable scale” (Bazalgette p.1). New generation likes to use social media as self advertisement and sometime they share very personal information. By doing this, their future privacy fells endanger and can affect badly in their mind in future which is not a good thing for the society, widely for the nation. Also, social media is hurting our society by spreading misinformation faster than any other media. Author Amanda Thomas shows a statistics in the
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