The Need of Physical Education Essay

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Being active is the most important part of my life. I always want to be fit, healthy and in shape and so should every person in the world. Everyone should want to live a happy long healthy life and it starts with a little bit of physical education. Adults as well as children should want to know the best way to improve their active lifestyle. From eating right to exercising people need to be educated on what is the right path to a health way of life. It all starts in the in grade school and should excel through high school. Kids should be educated about physical education at a young age, so they take that knowledge with them through high school and throughout life. Physical fitness is important when you begin to reach the high school level and collegiate level, especially if you are playing sports at either level. You want to have strength, endurance, good body structure and good cardiovascular endurance. I believe kids need these key things because this is what players need to be the best players they can be. You do not just need these things on the playing fields, but off the fields as well. You want to have a good working and healthy heart. You do not want to get so tired just from walking a flight of stairs. Having endurance, strength, structure and a good heart can get you through any day because if you are feeling good odds are you look good and you perform well. Physical Education teaches discipline and responsibility in children. This is also very important at a young age. I know when I was a freshman in high school discipline was hard for me. What helped me out with my discipline problems was my physical education classes and playing sports. I was never able to play if I did not have good grades and a clean discipline record. In my high school we have detentions and if you get so many you were not able to participate in any extracurricular activities.

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