"The Necklace" By Guy De Maupassant

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September 21, 2011 Nothing But A Fantasy Oh, the joys of the grand and luxurious life. Some people are born into such a world while others work there entire lifetimes and never quite reach it. It is something we would all enjoy to experience but, we are all guilty of fantasying about such a carefree lifestyle. In the short story “The Necklace” translated by Edgar V. Roberts the character of Mathilde Loisel takes her fantasy of having such a luxurious lifestyle to another level. We can see through her thoughts the dangers of living your life in a fantasy constructed by your mind and thoughts. She goes through the everyday actions of her life in an auto-pilot sort of mode. She does not appreciate what she has in her life and how fortunate she really is. Mathilde Loisel character development throughout the short story is important to the theme that the author is attempting to express, which is one can never truly understand how fortunate they are until they lose what they have and only then can they be appreciative of what they have. The reason why Mathilde Loisel character is important to the theme of story is because she strengthens the theme of the story. We can see through her life what might happen when you live in a fantasy. She had a modest life with no worries or hardships and sacrificed all that security to experience one night of pleasure, excitement, and fun. At the beginning of the story Madam Mathilde Loisel was craving a life of luxury, a life that she felt that she rightfully deserved. Her current modest life was unbearable and she felt that it was mistake that she was “born, as if by an error of destiny, into a family of clerks and copyists (Howe 250). At this point in the short story we know for a fact that she has a stable life. She does not have the luxury of being able to dress in a fancy fashion and

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