Jane Eyre Critical Essay

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Jane Eyre Critical Essay Feminism is the idea of women in our society having equal rights as all human beings. It has been a notoriously controversial topic all throughout history, and in many studies and readings. In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, the protagonist, Jane Eyre, goes through many trials and tribulations while exploring the depths of feminism in the Victorian Era. Showing Jane Eyre's experiences when dealing with edcaution, relationships, and whatever else society threw her way depicts her role as a woman in this era. The education system in Jane Eyre helps establish the idea of feminist criticism in the Victorian Era. In the 19thcentury, there was little to no opportunity for women to have jobs. Women were even equipped to feel distressed when it came to involving themselves in certain parts of society. Men had all the high paying jobs, leaving women to work as housewives or a governess. Even though in today's society having a job of educating young children is renowned and eminent, being a governess in the 19thcentury was considered lowly and was viewed as an underpaid servant asked to tutor children. With Jane's bold character, one would not expect her to have a job a civilization of people looked down upon. Jane limited by the inferiority of such a job only extended the idea of feminism. She was not granted equal rights compared to all the other men like Rochester. Though she did not deserve such a discriminating job, it was her only option to make a name for herself in the world. Many people tend to consider Bronte's use of Jane Eyre in her novel not to back up the idea men and women having equality, but to have her main character relate to herself. Though this may be true, Bronte cleverly intergrated many feminist ideas within Jane Eyre. Relationships in this novel easily support the idea of feminism, showing how Jane's responses to all her
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