Why I Like the Necklace

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Why I like the Story “The Necklace” There are many reasons for liking this story of “The Necklace” and every person will intake different morals from its story line. To me, it is important not to have greed in your life for it alone is strong enough to destroy the most important thing you have, your career and life. In this story Mathilde dreams of a better life. These dreams cause her to partially leave reality, then return greedy for things that she does not have, or can afford. The greed is a sign of her most inner weakness, a weakness for beauty and riches. The difference between Mathilde’s dreams and realities cause her to have emotional distance and emotional problems, her monetary difficulties, and she changes because of her mistakes. We all like Mathilde are greedy in life and want things and situations that we cannot afford. We are all driven by greed. It is just to what level do we show it or even let it get in the way of how we live. In this story Mathilde’s dream world she is happy and idle. When she returns back to Earth she is driven by the greed for more than what she possesses. She knows that she is not rich, and can’t stand to be around her wealthy friends, so she socially removes herself from the real world. This causes her to resent her life even more. This is a form of greed that has been twisted into an intense case of jealousy. Instead of being content and seeing what she has, she only whines and complains. The want for wealth is a weakness that in traits and causes the most of her situations. Some say that the root of all evil comes from money. This is so true in Mathilde’s case. She is so self-centered that she ignores, or just doesn’t realize how she hurts others. With us it’s the same problem. We are so greedy with trying to get the things that we want or dream about that we don’t realize that we are harming the ones that
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