The Most Important Educational Experience Essay

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The most important educational experience I have ever had, started when I was in the seventh grade. I changed my school and went from a private school to a public one. The class where I entered, had been learning French since they were in the third grade and I felt a little bit bad in my first French class. When class ended, the professor took me outside of class and asked me if I wanted to attend the lessons and learn or if I wanted to be in class during lesson but not participate and just take a passing grade. Getting just a passing grade in the elementary school was terrifying so I decided to attend the class and learn French. That day, when I went home, I told my mother what decision I had made and she told me that she was going to support my decision and help me in everything. In order to follow the rhythm of the class, because they already were an intermediate level, my mom and I decided to hire a private professor to help me learn faster and follow the class. By the end of semester, I took the evaluation test in French and my school teacher was surprised by the results. I did not stop learning French for two years, and it was time to decide for the high school. I have been studying English since I was nine years old and I decided to attend the foreign languages high school in Tirana. I entered the competition for branches, English and French and I won both. In the last moment, I changed my mind to enter in the English class and I went to register in the French class because I had already started to love that language. I finished my high school and graduated in French. Now I am proud of myself that I took the courage to learn new language. As I want to compete with myself, I am considering learning German as

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