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Taylor Heskett Professor Raker English 101 January 16th 2013 Peers, Problems and a Presidency “Taylor you’d be great for this position!” I barely heard while I was counting down the seconds until my High school History class was over. “What did you say?” I proclaimed. My teacher, Mrs. Mckannan, elaborated her point by explaining that the election for Senior Class officers was approaching. I had always been a part of committees and clubs throughout High School but never before considered running for Senior Class office. Mrs. Mckannan said there was a major lack of interest this year and very few students were running. She showered me in compliments addressing how fantastic of a leader I was and how necessary my skills were for this job. Finally I caved and agreed to be put on the ballot. I figured my compliance would please her and I could do no campaigning and fly…show more content…
By the end of the day I had been confronted by a dozen kids, obviously Mrs. Mckannan had made a few announcements. It wasn’t until that evening when I received a very straightforward message about my decision to run for Senior Class President. All throughout high school the same kid had won everything. He was Class President every year and had at least 6 clubs under his belt. Not to mention his stellar grades in every class with his best subject, being a teacher’s pet. His message simply read, “Quit while you’re ahead, you’ll never win anyway.” Something about this altercation didn’t sit well with me and from that moment on I knew what I would do. I was going to become the schools next Senior Class President. I began by talking to my friends about my new goal. They all promised to vote for me and pass the word along. After discussing my campaign strategies I realized I wasn’t alone. Many wanted the ultimate multi-tasking student out of office. Soon enough I had acquired the inspiration I needed. Then I ran into my biggest problem of all, how to reach my

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