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Jason Bagg Miss Featherstone English 101-1034 4 November 2012 Into the Unknown When learning something new, we can be put down by self-doubt and doubt by others, but as soon as we begin to grasp our new skill the doubts go away. We shed the negativity that we have been surrounded in and the negative sparks the desire to keep learning. We begin to learn that the bad is for our own good. Me Talk Pretty One Day, by author David Sedaris, is a narrative about his journey back to school late in life. Besides his age, he is also immersed into a foreign land and language. The author has taken only a month of French in New York before enrolling in school in France. He is distressed about how fluent his new classmates, who are also foreigners, appear to speak French naturally while he is struggling. “Sounded to me like excellent French” the author describes his “young” and “well dressed” classmates’ speech. Making things worse David’s teacher is more like a drill sergeant as she “marched in” and starts to take command. Her voice is like Charlie Brown’s teacher when she first starts to speak. She begins by telling her students if you have not “meimslsxp” or “lgdmurct” you should not be in the class. This teacher has a knack for assaulting her students verbally. She starts out picking her victims in an innocent seeming fashion. “Who…show more content…
Even though he has only started to grasp the language, the doubts given to him by his teacher suddenly go away, “You exhaust me with your foolishness”, his teacher says. He responds in his broken French “talk me more, you, plus, please, plus”, not caring about the insults anymore. He wants his teacher to keep speaking anything to him so he can learn. It doesn’t matter what she is saying as long as he can sharpen his new skills. All the doubts David had before, given by his teacher and himself, go away. His earning to learn leaves all doubt

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