The Metamorphosis Of The Samsas

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Leigh Hinton Schroeder Engl 392 13 October 2011 The Metamorphosis of the Samsas Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is a complex work. Written in only three weeks, it is by far the most popular of Kafka’s stories. “Metamorphosis” tells the tale of Gregor Samsa, an office worker who turns into a beetle in his sleep, and the effect it has on his family and his relationships. While Gregor’s transformation throughout the story is remarkable, it is the transformations of Gregor’s family that are this paper will examine more thoroughly. While Gregor comes closer and closer to his demise, his father and sister blossom, and his mother remains largely unchanged. The story begins with Gregor waking up and finding that he has turned into a bug. This is of particular concern to him, not because he is worried about his safety and the issues with becoming a beetle, but because he has to work. His family is incredibly in debt, and he is the only one of them that works. His family is fully dependent on his ability to work, and he never misses work. Because he did not show up for work the morning of his transformation, his manager came to the house and tried to get an explanation from Gregor as to why he missed work. It is at this point that Gregor’s family first sees him for the bug that he is. His mother has an immediate concern for Gregor. She screams “‘Help, for God’s sake, help!’...fled from the table, and fell into the arms of his father, who came rushing up to her” (18). His mother has asthma, and Gregor is concerned about upsetting her. His father, however, has quite a different reaction. Gregor’s manager flees from the house and his father gets angry. Instead of showing the slightest bit of concern for Gregor, he instead reacts with violence, lashing out at Gregor. It is as if his humanity is completely gone. He shoves Gregor into his room, injuring him: He drove

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