The Road Alone Chapter Summaries

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CHAPTER 1 In the beginning of the chapter the main character “Terry Anders” and his parents are introduced. Terry mows lawns on his spare time and he loves working with motors. He is a very lonely boy with only one friend name Thor who’s moving to Africa. Terry’s parents neglect him and are always arguing with each other. Then both of his parents think that the other is staying with Terry so they leave him and never come back. CHAPTER 2 After a few days of being alone Terry remembers that his dad had a car kit in the garage. He stayed up until early in the mornings trying to follow the instructions and build the car. It took him a while trying to get the hang of putting the car together, but after about a day or two he found all…show more content…
As soon as they finished they hit the road again and about midmorning they came to a dirt road witch was about thirty minutes long and it lead to Samuel’s dirty old trailer. Waylon and Wayne introduced Terry to Samuel and then went in side to make coffee. Samuel told a story for a while as they listen quietly until he stopped and he fell a sleep. CHAPTER 16 In the evening while Samuel was still asleep they made a camp fire and set up their tent right next to it. They ate spaghetti and got ready for bed but Waylon and Wayne chatted for a while and Terry just remembered his old life back at home. As they tried to sleep all of the sudden Samuel started telling another story so Waylon and Terry got up and listened while Wayne was still sleeping. As the night went on they dozed off and woke up in early noon the next day. CHAPTER 17 They stayed that evening until the next morning and then left. It was Waylon’s turn to choose were to go so they were headed for Deadwood. On the way there Waylon read his Shakespeare book quietly. On there way to Deadwood Waylon saw a sign of a religious commune and he wanted to see how they lived over there so they stopped there

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