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(Ruffling through box) I never realised how much I was affected by it. (Pause) I can still hear the firing of the Winchesters although it’s been almost 35 years. (Pause) The rattling and humming of the choppers has never left my side. (Pause) Each bullet, (Pause) every grenade affected me. Nui Dat was our location; it was in southern Vietnam, (Pause) the main base. I was there for 7 years 1965 to 1972. (Pause) It was a long and awfully terrifying experience, life changing to say the least. I’ll never forget telling mum, (Pause) the look she gave me I knew the immediate answer. I come home from Blackfriars Prior School and at the time we were living down in South Australia. It was one of those naïve teenage days when you have a crazy…show more content…
Being a young man away from home cooked meals and that lovely warm cuddly sensation that you feel when your mum says goodnight to you was tough enough (Pause) ; let alone the fighting and killing of those that had become your best friends, (pause) your brothers. Well you imagine this. (Pause) One day you’re helping get your dying mate into a Huey, while the others are calling cover fire. Then a month later you’re in some public services office somewhere being told by some Vietnamese woman, who I could barely understand for that matter, that you can’t wear your boots inside as it’s classified as unclean. (Sarcastically) Yeah and she was telling me about unclean. (Pause) (Questioning) Was it any wonder that we never fitted into the civilian life again as we were supposed…show more content…
I can tell you from experience, it was no wonder land where little boys had guns that went ‘bang bang bang’, actually it was quite far from that. (Pause) Dealing with blistering feet and having a shredded body from climbing all those awful barbed wire fences become normal. Having bullets flying left right and centre at you making you feel as if you were trapped with no escape wasn’t unusual. Coping with snake and spider bites on a daily basis, but just trying to breathe through the smoke was despicable to say the least. I’ve dealt with drugs and alcohol. (Pause) I’ve taken on grown men fully intoxicated. (Pause) But the war also showed the other side; I watched grown men cry for their mummies and daddies in sorrow and sadness for hours on end. (QUESTIONING) What was I supposed to do? (Pause) What would you do? (Pause) I thought I was doing the right thing, that I’d made the right decision in life. (Pause) Was I wrong? The Vietnam War was my deal breaker. (Pause) Some of the treacherous journeys I travelled, no man should ever sight in his lifetime. (Pause) Coming home, I always refereed to myself as damaged goods. (Pause) The life that I’d wasted. (Pause) The family I could have had. (Pause) No wife. (Pause) Kids. (Pause) What was my point of living from this point on? I had no one. In fact I was still lucky to be alive. (pause, then leave

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