Personal Narrative: Living With Alcoholic

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Children Living With An Alcoholic Four o’clock in the morning and still no sign of my father. I can hear my mother pacing around outside my door calling and calling to find out where my dad could be. Although my mom has to get up in three hours for work, she gets in her car to go to the local bar. Shortly after, I fall back to sleep both my parents arrive home and all I hear is a whole lot of screaming. This happens quite a bit, so I try to tune them out by putting my pillow over my head and attempting to fall back to sleep. Next morning arrives and my father, too hung over to go to work, decides to call off work for the fourth time in three weeks. On top of not working much, he has been taking money out of the checking and saving accounts, and spending it on alcohol without my mother knowing. This left our family with little to no money for bills or groceries. As a result we had spaghetti every night for the next few weeks. I was a little confused as to why we had it every night, but I never asked questions, and I just ate it My mother never…show more content…
This can become a very isolated lifestyle. Lastly, one of the biggest effects of living with an alcoholic parent would be the easy access the children could have to alcohol. Alcohol would always be in the house, and therefore would be able to take it. It has been stated that children who begin to drink at a young age are more likely to abuse alcohol, and become an alcoholic. A child’s parent means everything to them, and they look up to them tremendously. Furthermore, this can become a problem for a child if they begin to follow in their alcoholic parent ways. Children with an alcoholic parent can go through traumatizing experiences not all children may go through. These children go through so many mixed

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