The Main Threat to the Stability of the Weimar Republic in the Period of 1919-23 Came from Political Violence of the Extreme Right” How Far Do You Agree with This Judgement?

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The Weimar Republic was faced with such hardship when it came into power that it seemed as though it was almost destined to fail. It had inherited a political situation that seemed weak due to the abdication of the Kaiser, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the economy and the "Stab in the Back" theory affected by the old elites of German society. The new government faced violent opposition from both sides of the political spectrum, although with differing levels of success, and an economy that was spiraling out of control. However, it was the violence of the extreme right which of could been seen as the largest risk to the stability of the Weimar Republic due to its effectiveness and its closeness. Firstly, it is clear to see that the violence of the extreme right was certainly a clear threat to the Weimar republic as it in fact managed to succeed in briefly overthrowing the government. Between the years 1919-22 of the 376 political murders carried out and roughly 354 were carried out by right wing activists including the murders of some high ranking figures such as Matthias Erzberger, for having signed the armistice and Karl Gareis, leader of the USPD for being a committed socialist, along with many other German figureheads. These figures and demonstrate two things, that the right wing was clearly a threat to the republic as not only were they responsible for the murders of a huge number of politicians but it would seem that nobody was safe from them. These figures also show how little of a threat the far left was by comparison; the far left was responsible for only 22 of the killings out of 376 murders in 3 years showing that there was definitely a clear gap in the threat that the two extremes posed to the stability of the republic. This situation was worsened as the far right was able to commit these crimes and be allowed to carry on or get off lightly
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