The Machinist Essay

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Have you ever seen a really skinny person? “If you were any thinner you wouldn’t exist”. This is what Trevor Reznik hears from every person that he interacts with. “The machinist” being a really sad and mind blowing movie, that is about a lonely man that is constantly questioning reality because nothing feels real for him anymore, Struggling in a virtual reality trying to connect the dots to finally find peace. Throughout the movie Trevor Reznik makes clear that he only can be at peace with two women like for instance Stevie a prostitute that Trevor would pay her to sleep with him and ultimately share his feelings with her. Stevie is the only person that Trevor tells about his chronic insomnia and how he hasn’t sleep for a year. The other women is Maria who is a waitress in a coffee shop at the airport Trevor goes to the airport frequently to flirt with her and to feel the companionship leaving generous tips without eating the food. In “The Machinist” Brad Anderson uses symbolisms, lightning and different types of characters to make the viewer understand the two choices that Trevor Reznik had to choose from to end his problems. Brad Anderson uses different types of ambient and room lightening and symbolisms throughout the movie. In one scene that Trevor is in the bathroom at Stevie’s house and you see his skinny body kind of in a green color. This is when the viewer asks “why would the director use these lights”. Since you can see the bathroom from Stevie’s room, the only thing that is noticeable on the green light is Trevor skinny body. He also starts to do some strange movements kind of like a contortionist. The director does this so his audience can rapidly realize that there is something wrong about Trevor. In a scene where Trevor was on his break sitting in his car trying to light a smoke. He was closing his eyes when suddenly Ivan appears on the passenger
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