Odyssey Vs O Brother Where Art Thou Analysis

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Comparison Essay Thousands of years ago Homers great epic poem The Odyssey was written. A Poem about the adventures and misfortunes of Odysseus throughout his voyages around the ancient Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, many stories and movies have been based on the same principal as The Odyssey, but one movie in particular did a great job in comparing the two stories, O Brother, Where Art Thou? O Brother, Where Art Thou? is about a man who has to break out of jail to stop his wife from marrying a suitor, and includes his audacious voyage home. These two similar tales, written with many of the same events occurring in both allows for the works to be compared easily and thoroughly. The two main characters of each story are…show more content…
After leaving Troy, Odysseus has many ships, and his men are loyal and respectful to him. As his journey progresses men start to fall away and by the end of his story all of his men have been killed and he is the only man that returns home from the long trip. Everett and his men were written differently than in Homers version. Having Pete, and Delmar O’ Donell as all of Everett’s crew, it is much different than the men Od. has in his group. During a brief time in the movie a black guitarist also tours with the men, his name is Tommy Johnson. Finally returning home, each mans wife is involved with the suitor(s) who are trying to marry each of the two wives. Odysseus’ wife is very loyal to him; she waits twenty long years and still doesn’t ever consider marrying one of those suitors. Penelope has to trick the thirty suitors staying in her house but she never falls in for their trickery. Penny, Everett’s wife is a different story, she has only become interested in one suitor who she has actually decided to marry. While the wedding date is scheduled, Everett has to stop the wedding from happening before it’s too
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