Jealousy And Responsibility In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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We are introduced from the beginning of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral to a man that seems to be perturbed and agitated. The husband “ wasn’t enthusiastic about [Robert] visit, he was no one [he] knew. And his being blind bothered [him].” (20) He is uninterested in the relationship that Robert has with his wife. (21) The only reason he knows any thing about Robert is because she told him, he didn’t ask and didn’t care to know. We see how selfish and self centered the narrator is as he has thoughts of, “this blind man” “coming to sleep in [his] house” and telling his wife “maybe [he] could take him bowling” (22). The narrator’s jealousy and lack of interest in Robert’s visit is blatantly apparent. While his wife goes to the depot to pick up Robert…show more content…
After some brief conversation with Robert he makes the first non-bias observation about him, he thinks Robert is dressed well, he looks “Spiffy” (24). But then he goes right back to the negative extremity of stereotyping Robert, “he didn’t use a cane and he didn’t wear dark glasses and [he] always thought dark glasses were a must for the blind.”…show more content…
This is the furthest thing from the truth as “[his] wife [look] at [him]” with “her mouth agape.” (24). He can’t see pass the blindness and see a normal human being. As they eat dinner the “husband watched with admiration as [Robert use] his knife and fork on the meat” (25).The husband is obviously impressed that Robert can eat like any one else and therefore gives him credit for accomplishing that task. From this point the narrator starts seeing Robert for who he is instead of just seeing his

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