The Kite Runner, Guilt Essay. Only 2 Paragraphs

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Amir is firstly perceived in the novel as a young innocent Afghanistan boy, who enjoys playing with his servant friend, Hassan. Although their friendship is very strong, Amir was definitely the more powerful of the two boys, persuading Hassan “into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbor’s one-eyed German shepherd” This friendship was very strong, it seemed almost unbreakable until the day of the huge kite tournament, in the winter of 1975. Amir won the tournament, whilst he was in the midst of celebrating he looked up at his father “and that right there was the single greatest moment of [his] twelve years of life, seeing Baba on that roof proud of [him] at last.” Just to signify Hassan’s loyalty and love towards Amir, Hassan runs the kite and says to Amir Jan, “for you, a thousand times over” and keep that promise he did. Hassan was beaten and raped just so he could return the Kite that rightfully belonged to Amir. Amir saw this event take place, “[he] could [of] [stepped] into that alley, and [stood] up for Hassan-the way he’d stood up for [Amir] all those times in the past… or [he] could run. In the end, [he] ran.” This horrific betrayal of Hassan is further consolidated by his sinful actions and efforts to release Ali and Hassan from their only known home and their only known job, and to terminate the life long friendship not only between Hassan and himself, but between Ali and Baba as well and with this Amir hopes to rid himself of the constant reminders of his mistreatment of Hassan. Although Amir did commit all these dreadful sins, his guilt was too much for him to bare in the end, and his only way to escape it was to dispose of the evidence. We therefore see that Amir is not all dissipated. From the very moment Amir witness the beating and rape of Hassan, he defined himself by his guilt. Amir had become exactly what his father feared, Baba
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