Relevant Quotes of Hemingway's "I Guess Everything Reminds You of Something"

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Relevant quotations from Hemingway's I guess everything reminds you of something After an introductory dialogue in which a proud father talks with his son about a short story the kid had written and with which he had won a prize, we find this quotation: I could not write that well when I was his age, his father thought. I knew anyone else that could either. But I never knew anyone else that could shoot better at ten than this boy could; not just show-off shooting, but shooting in competition with grown men and professionals. He shot the same way in the field when he was twelve. He shot as though he had built-in radar. He never took a shot out of range nor let a driven bird come to close and he shot with beautiful style and absolut timing and precision on high pheasants and in pass shooting at ducks. The boy's father admires him because of his ease at writing and at shooting, since he wasn't able to do it that well at his age. As we all know, all the novels and short stories Hemingway wrote were based upon his personal experiences, so when he talks about the father and the boy of this short story, he may surely be talking about himself and one of his children. "Write about something that you know." This is what the father tells to the boy when he tells the father that he has been writing, and the father becomes enthusiastic because he feels proud of his boy and wants him to follow his steps. Since writing about something he knew was one of the patterns Hemingway used in order to write, this quote is another reason to figure out that this short story is, indeed, based upon his life. It was the night after the last big international shoot that they had ever shot together that they had been talking and the boy said, "I don't understand how anyone ever misses a pigeon." "Don't ever say that to anybody else", his father said. "No. I mean it really. There's

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