Importance Of Religion Essay

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The Importance of Religion Religion is very important in my life. Although I may no go to mass several times a week, that does not mean that my religion is not important to me. I see religion as a type of escape. I always know that when I am going through a rough time and I have no one to turn to, God is always ready to listen. Sometimes its hard to be able to trust people with what I’m feeling, but knowing that I have something to look up too no matter how hard I mess up, and still have the bond of trust, is the most comforting feeling I can possibly experience. Religion means something different to everyone, and the ways people care about it vary also. Some devote their entire lives to religion. Take monks, or nuns for example, monk’s live to serve others, as nuns live to serve God. Either way, they both do this for the love of their religion. I believe that the main reasons why people be make religion such an important part f their lives is because it gives them faith and hope in something better. The most consoling thing when someone is on their deathbed, or…show more content…
Society, apart from ruining everything else, has ruined the concept of religion and will forever make it difficult to be faithful to it. Although we ere all given the freedom and choice to believe what we want, this gift is not respected. Religion is something that one has to be open and free to accepting. Unfortunately, that is not how things usually play out. As long as society is constantly finding ways to bring everyone’s ethnic origins down, it will be hard to stay faithful, but if you are committed to it, this challenge should become easier and easier. Take the media for example. The media is constantly throwing different films, TV shows, and songs about all different kinds of religions out there. If one is not truly devoted to their beliefs, how are they supposed to stay faithful when all these new ‘religions’ popping up out of
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