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Mormonism Introduction Mormons and Momondom have come to have a large part in our modern era. Not only are they recognized for their large humanitarian efforts throughout social communities, but they are also recognized throughout the medical communities as well. As an ever growing population, healthcare workers must become more educated on their beliefs and practices as to ensure respectful and culturally considerate treatment. At the forefront of this culturally apt care needs to be the healthcare providers understanding and consideration of Mormons’ beliefs on pregnancy and birthing practices. Synopsis of Mormonism throughout the World: Mormonism dates back to the forth century when the prophet Mormon compiled the books of his ancestor…show more content…
Being avid supporters of good health, Mormons are fully encouraged to seek professionals when care is necessary; however, they are cautious as to ensure that they are being prescribed the correct medication and that they understand how to take the medication correctly as to not use the drug in any way other than how it is was intended. The Church does not forbid the use of narcotics, blood products, organ donation, or organ transplantation and leaves such decisions up to the family. To be part of the Church, Mormons effectively see themselves as having something more than others, perhaps clearer insight or superior understanding, which may become problematic to healthcare workers. This often becomes evident when addressing Mormons on their fasting habits and the implications it might have on their health. Mormons fast once monthly to demonstrate their self-control and increase their spirituality. With this it becomes important to properly counsel the patient regarding the efficacy of fasting in the light of the medical situation. Inversely, it becomes important for the healthcare worker to understand and respect these key tenets. ( source…show more content…
To deal with a loss, Mormons are urged to seek solace from family, support from their congregation, and professional help if it is needed. Mormons belief on death are centered upon the Plan of Salvation “which informs members of the Church that death is but a portal to eternal life and joy, a step along an eternal path, and that the separation from our loved ones is but temporary” (source: For this reason, funerals and memorials are often uplifting. Because of their strong faith and lifetime of dedication to God, death is not often feared as it may be in other cultures. Family and ministry are essential at this stage of

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