The Importance Of Migration To America

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Kimberly George US History Before 1876 9/10/2013 Migration to the Americas is an important part of our history. Some people chose to come to this country others were forced to come. Many people chose to come to the New World for religious freedom. The governing powers of the Old World were forcing their beliefs upon the people and they could no longer take it. Another reason people came to the Americas was because they were looking for a better opportunity that what was offered in their homeland. For some the reason was even simpler. Some craved the adventure that they knew awaited them in the unknown others were leaving behind a reputation of bad behavior behind for a fresh start. Whatever the reason was that led them here it was going…show more content…
Indentured servants were those people who promised to work for a master for a fixed amount of time in return for their passage to America, food, and a place to live. Although many indentured servants chose to come some did not. Many indentured servants were prisoners taken to America and sold into servant hood. Although many women who were servants married when their time of servitude was over the men were not as lucky. Even though they were promised as part of their agreement land, tools, and clothes male indentured servants often were left on their own and were not prepared for the life that was upon them. Slave trading began when ships from Portugal were sailing down the African coast intent on trading. The longer they were there they discovered a way to make more money and that was to trade human beings for work. Eventually this took over as the main source of income and they decided instead of taking these slaves to Europe they would be more valuable to the early settlers of America. The journey to America was very hard on everyone whether it was a…show more content…
Many slaves were brought in to provide labor for the sugar plantations. With so many slaves many of them were soon to be used in all areas of the economy. Slaves in Brazil were disbursed depending on where they were needed for work. Sugar plantations in the North were the first place they were sent. After that they were sent to gold mines in the Southeast and then to the coffee plantations of the South. More Africans were brought due to the fact that the Native Americans were dying because they were overworked and exhausted. Slavery became a highly profitable system for white plantation owners in the Americas. Slaves showed many of the English settlers new products that they could grow like rice. Rice could be grown in the coastal environments. The slaves were cheap workers who required little in the form of care. Plantation owners recognized the gold mine they now had in the form of cheap labor Slavery was rapidly becoming something ordinary in this New World. For four centuries slavery would become an integral part of the American and the Spanish way of

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