The African Slave Trade From Savage To Civilized

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From the 15th to the 18th century, Europeans were capturing and transporting Africans to benefit their home country or colonies by having cheap labour. The evolution of the African slave trade developed from an inhumane practice into a more civilized business transaction. Europeans had no respect for the slaves, and no business strategies were evident during the beginning of the slave trade. As time progressed, several business tactics were utilized in order to create greater efficiency of the trade. Also, the Europeans developed benevolent treatment towards slaves to prolong their health and ensure their survival in order to increase margins of profit. The African slave trade began in 1444 when the first successful shipment of slaves was transported from West Africa to Portugal. The beginning of the slave trade proved to be uncivilized and inefficient. The Portuguese captains evoked nothing but fear upon their arrival, and barbarically “killed and seized as many as they could.” (Document 1, pg 7) To avoid being captured, some Africans resorted to suicide by drowning themselves in the water. The Portuguese had captured 165 Africans, including women and children. (Document 1, pg 7) However the Europeans were not yet satisfied. They then traveled to the island of Tiger, which consisted of a village of about 150 people. (Document 1, pg 8) However upon their arrival, the village was deserted. The Portuguese sent fifteen men on land and the rest in boats to coast alongside the island, in hopes of finding the missing Africans. The men that traveled on land found the Africans fleeing, and mercilessly captured the women and children who were the slowest runners. (Document 1, pg 9) After the voyage, the Portuguese had captured 235 slaves. They were divided up into five groups for the reason that one fifth would be given to the Prince, and the rest to be kept by the
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