The Importance of Being Ernest, Character Analysis

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Character analysis Tyler Parrott Play Title: The Importance of being Ernest Author: Oscar Wild Summary: The scene is set In Victorian England during the 1890’s. Jack Cardew is bored of his country life, to escape his boredom jack creates a fictitious brother named Ernest who lives in London. Whenever Jack wants to escape the boring life of the country he simply tells his ward Cecily Cardew he must go fish his brother out of some sort of mess. When Algernon, Jacks friend from the city, finds his cigarette case with the name Jack written inside he questions jack about it and finds out that Ernest is not his real name but jack is. During this conversation Algernon learns of Jacks young ward Cecily and is intrigued. Shortly After the love of jacks Life Gwendolen enters the room with her mother Lady Bracknell. When Lady Bracknell and Algernon leave the room Jack professes his love to Gwendolen and proposes to her. Jack learns about Gwendolens girlish dream of marrying a man named Ernest. When Lady Bracknell returns she is shocked that Gwendolen is now engaged to jack and tells her she will not get married without her approval. Lady Bracknell Promptly interviews jack and is pleased until she hears that he was found in a train station by his adoptive father. Back at Algernon’s flat Jack and Algernon are getting ready for a night on the town when Gwendolen enters and tells jack she cannot marry him but would still like to visit his home in the country. When jack is telling gwendolen his address Algernon quickly writes it down. As the play progresses Algernon and Cecily meet eachother and Algernon proposes to her while she is under the impression that he his Jacks brother Ernest who she has had a crush on for ages. When Gwendolen comes to visit jack she meets Cecily and they both tell each other about their engagements to jacks fictional brother Ernest.
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