Eyes Were Watching God. Was It True Love?

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay 2 In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston presents an example of true love despite the fact that Janie ends up marrying three men in her lifetime. This true love is exemplified by her final marriage to Tea Cake. Hurston uses the other marriages as life lessons for Janie. Logan taught Janie how true love is actually developed, Jody taught her how to liberate herself and Tea Cake taught Janie how to be secure in her independence. After reading the novel it can be said that true love is real and Hurston definitely presented the idea that true love is difficult to attain. Janie’s first marriage to Logan Killicks was mostly determined by her grandmother’s vision of wealth and security for her granddaughter. This marriage forced Janie to grow up very quickly and discover what she desires with another man. At a young age Janie’s grandmother had Janie married off to Logan Killicks. After a couple months of marriage, Janie goes to visit her grandmother and her grandmother questions why she is there. Janie answers, “Cause you told me Ah mus gointer love him, and, and Ah don’t. Maybe if somebody was to tell me how, Ah could do it.” Janie initially thinks that love could be formed by someone else but she then discovers that she wants something more from a marriage. Though she was young and naïve to think that love comes after marriage, she was right to believe in her views that you need an emotional and physical connection to have true love and a successful marriage. She is searching for a relationship that offers both of these qualities. Also, both the physical and emotional qualities will stay important to Janie and forever a part of her idea of love. Jody “spoke for far horizon” and this entices Janie to leave Logan and marry Jody. The horizon represents limitless possibility to Janie and this is the life that she has always wanted.

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