Families Sharing Last Names

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Families Sharing Last Names Families that share the same last name do so because they want to be identified as a unified family. It sets them apart from most people in the world, and shows them as well as the people around them that they are a strong unified family. Also having the same last name symbolizes where their ancestors originated and even what they have accomplished. In the two separate articles, “Does a Family Need to Share a Surname?” authors Liza Breslin and Laura Williamson have opposing views. Breslin believes that a family needs to share one last name because, to her this symbolizes togetherness. Williamson, on the other hand, believes families do not need to share surnames and chooses to give her children her maiden name. I agree with Breslin because I think that people should follow the tradition, family unity, and history. When couples decided on starting a family, something they will need to consider is if they would like to follow the tradition of taking the male’s last name to be their family surname. Many couples end up deciding that the woman and the children will take the males last name, because that it just how it has always been and why change the tradition. Many women find that having the same last name as their husband helps them feel more like a family, and a new name is an important symbol of the journey they are taking together. Personally, when I get married, I will gladly change my last name to whatever my husband happens to be, because following the tradition is important to me. Williamson gave her own experience on how not following tradition can affect everyone in the family when she stated “He’d just delivered the happiest news of his mother’s life - that her first grandchild had been born and followed up with a sucker punch to the heart. The baby was going to have my last name” (69) Williamson’s mother-in-law is woman who

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