So Much Closer Asha Muhammad Character Analysis

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So Much Closer Asha' Muhammad A-April is brookes bestfriend who lives in new jersey and she tell her everything aout scott.She was the only person who now about her liking scott at first. B-Brooke is the main character of the book. she is in love with scott abram. she is doing what ever it take to be with him.she moves to new york with her dad to be with scott. C-Carlos is the boy sadie haves a crush on. he works at the store. when its turn to work sadie never go in or she send someone else in there to buy her stuff. D-One reason she said she broke up with him becaus e they never go one dates and stuff.But they went to the movies once. E- She was exitcited tghat her and scott dated and she could not stop talking about it to april and sadie. F-Her…show more content…
She followed him to NYC, she went to the same school with him in nyc and etc. R-The reason they broke up was because, they never go on dates,he got her a stupid gift,he wanted to go tostupid stuff. S- Scott is the boy brooke love and i wants to be with but they are going to date but they are going to break up cause brooke said they are not how she pictured it. They are not happy. T-They went to the theme park and thats when she told john she liked him. Then they started to hold hands and she said she dont want to let go. I-Mr. Peterson found out that brooke IQ scores is way over the genius level.Her old teacher told he and he looked at her files. V-when she visited her family in new jersey wshe was missing scott and the whole time they were on break she was looking for scott a good gift. W-warm fizzy is a little letter you send to people and brooke sends scott one saying that she care about him. X-She was not happy that she had to sit beside her ex in class. So she went home early. Y-Brooke is a young ladie who is in love witha boy that dont know that she like him.he finds out that she like him when she comes to his house and tell

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