Book Report On The Outsiders

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For my independent book, I read The Outsiders written by, S.E. Hinton. In this book there are many characters but the main characters are, Ponyboy Curtis, Darry, and sodapop. The main conflict in this book is the fact that the greasers and the socks are two different groups of people and they don’t get along. The socs also known as the socials are the rich, powerful and popular group and the greasers are not rich, and not very popular and almost the complete opposite of the socs. In this paper you will discover the big adventure Ponyboy, and his brothers, Darry, and sodapop went on. Pony boy and his brothers have led a hard life being the target of the socs, they have grown tough and unforgiving mostly towards the socs. Ponyboy is…show more content…
Ponyboy really likes cherry they have a lot in common. It was going great for Ponyboy until he found out that cherry is a soc which meant they can’t hang out or see each other at all anymore. A while before Ponyboy met cherry jonny was beat up by bob, which is a soc, and after Ponyboy discovers cherry is a soc he discovers that bob is also cherry’s boyfriend. After finding out about cherry and bob Ponyboy decides to go home and think about it all when he got home Darry screams at Ponyboy about how he can’t come home at two am, because Darry didn’t know if he was all right. The conversation turned into a yelling match and Darry ended up hitting Ponyboy, at that moment Ponyboy ran to the park and Jonny followed him so that he could get away from his house. Ponyboy thought he knew that Darry loved him but now he wasn’t sure. Bob and the soc’s go out looking for trouble that night and found Ponyboy and jonny there, Bob tries to drown Ponyboy in the park fountain. Jonny had a knife in his shoe, he didn’t want to hurt anybody but he also didn’t want Ponyboy to die. So Jonny stabs Bob so that Ponyboy is free. Jonny was so angry at the moment that he hadn’t realized what he had done, he killed
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