Discrimination In The Outsiders

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Literary Research Essay Humility, discrimination, and fear. What could possibly be worse than being an outsider that no one respects? Or how would it feel if everyone saw you as a bug? In the Outsiders, people are “classified” as a higher ranking which allowed people to think that treating the lower class people with disrespect was right and amusing. Ponyboy and his friends represent the lower class people known as the “Greasers” and they are tortured and harassed by the “Socs” a group of rich kids who think beating up greasers is a fun way to spend their time. Wealthier and richer people are often considered to receive or have more power, due to the fact that people respect them more than people who are less wealthy. The Socs have always discriminated and harassed the Greasers since they are more popular and richer than the Greasers. Furthermore, the Greasers were consistently jumped and beat whenever they encountered the Socs either at a park, gas station, etc. This ties into the colonialism that occurred during the 1400s where Europeans colonized Africa, and the Americas and adopted the idea that they were much more superior then the races due to their skin colour and wealth. Given the fact that discrimination between the Socs and the Greasers has been occurring for quite a while, reconsidering that the less wealthy people are just as…show more content…
For all the mistreatment the Socs have done to the greasers causes a situation where unfair treatment leads to the death of one Soc. When the Socs were physically damaging Ponyboy, his friend Johnny attacks the Soc and stabs him with a knife which lead to his death. This shows that discrimination and harassment taken to a certain extent can create life taking events like this. Tragic events like this should have never occurred if the Socs didn’t take the abusing of the greasers to a far
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