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My name is Johnny Cade; I never meant to kill him (Bob). But why was he in that area at that time, he was looking for me and my gang. He never goes by the fountain because that’s a greaser’s hangout spot. I'm sorry to whoever loved him. But he attacked me with four other boys in the blue mustang that night. I did not want to turn myself in that night because I was scared with conviction. Because I would never hurt anything or anyone. I came back because; I didn't want to hide in the shadows all my life. I had the right to defend myself because he was going to kill me. Because my friends picked up Bob’s girlfriend and Randy’s girlfriend. If I didn’t self-defend myself then I would have dyed by being beat up. My friend here Ponyboy Curtis would have been drowned to his death. So the only thing I could do was to grab the six inch blade in my back pocket. I carried that six inch blade because he beat me up before. I did it without thinking I should have pulled him off instead of murdering him but, I wasn’t thinking. What is self-defending yourself when somebody is injuring you? What do you do just stand there and let them beat you up or do you fight back, so that’s what I did I fought back? I did not go to the police right away because they probly wouldn’t have listen to me and put me in jail. Ponyboy was never apart of the killing he was just powerless trying to find oxygen. I killed Bob because, he almost killed two people me and Ponyboy. But instead of two killings there was one Bob he probly killed people. That’s how threatening he was. As you can see I killed Bob because, he was threatening and killing me and Ponyboy. I self-defensed myself that day. If I didn’t than I wouldn’t be standing here today in this courtroom. I should be lucky that Ponyboy and I survived today. Again like I said I’m sorry to whoever loved him, but he was a threat to many people not

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