Lord Of Flies Comparison

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Lord of the Flies Comparison Essay In the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. There are many character, but two that stand out the most are Piggy, and Simon. But even though they are similar in , appearance, or their relationship with others , and how or what caused their deaths. They are very much different from each other was well. Simon and Piggy, may not be very close to each other in the novel, but yet seem to be alike, personal wise. To begin with, Simon and Piggy, have a complete different relationship with the other boys. For one, Simon’s relationship with the others is much more outgoing, and easy to deal with. Just as the narrator explains: Jack and Simon, jumped off the platform and walked along the sand past the bathing pool. Piggy hung bumbling behind them…. Ralph stopped and turned back to Piggy. “Look.. You can’t come.”(William Golding p.31.32) On the contrary, this further explains, that Simon can indeed get along with the other boys on the island, but on the other hand Piggy can’t , he’s always excluded , and the outsider at all times. Additionally, Piggy is always being bullied, like when in the novel had only commented “ What’s any use. We couldn’t keep a fire like that going, not if we tried.”(William Golding p.52) And since he doesn’t have a good relationship with others, they are always mean to him. However Jack commented back “ A fat lot, you tried.. You just sat.” Clearly just cause of his weight , everyone doesn’t want to have any relationship with him. Hence, even though Simon gets bullied, his relationship with others it better then Piggy’s, cause the boys just consider him, as a fat, lazy potty mouth just there. Nevertheless, Piggy and Simon are nothing alike in appearance. Piggy is obviously chubby, fat, wears glasses. This is clearly pointed out when Ralph tells Piggy, “Better Piggy then fatty.”(William
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