The Theme Of Family In Where The Heart Is By Billie Letts

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What type of family do you have? Everybodys family is different. Some include people who may not be blood related. Families can be formed without you noticing its happening. In the book Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts, Novalees mother and Willy jack pretended to love her when they needed things from her. Others, like Sister Husband, showed her what a real family was like. She showed Novalee that even if you just met the person, they can care for you more than your biological family ever could. Forney proved to her that love really does exist and that a family is the people who love and care for you. Novalee made sure that she had a family that would care for her and love her and care for and love Americus, too. But she didn’t just take the care and she didn’t just take the love, she gave it right back to them, which is what a family does.…show more content…
When Novalee was only seven years old her mother ran away with a baseball umpire named Fred. That left her living with other people who still did not truly care. She finally thought she had found someone who loved and cared about her, his name was Willy Jack Pickens. Novalee thought that she was going to marry him some day. But on there way to California he proved her wrong by leaving her at a Wal-Mart “He was going to California and he had left her behind...left her magazine dreams of old quilts and blue china and family pictures in gold frames” (16) thats when things went wrong. With no stability or trust in life she learned to do things on her own and not rely on other for

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