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The Joy Luck Club Chapter Analysis Jing-Mei Woo: The Joy Luck Club In this first vignette, the author writes, “I packed my things and my two babies into this wheelbarrow and began pushing to Chungking four days before the Japanese marched into Kweilin” (Tan 26). This quote explains that she should put herself in her own mother’s shoes to her mother had dealt with. Her mother lived in a different generation where her own city was being isolated to run away. Another example is when the author writes, “This was the year my mother and father had left China with one stiff leather trunk filled with fancy silk dresses” (Tan 20). When her mother had nearly everything behind, she didn’t appreciate the significance of the silk dresses. In addition, she will have to learn to live off what she has. Lastly, the author writes, “And I am sitting at my mother’s place at the mah jong table, on the East, where things begin” (Tan 41). Jing-Mei questions herself if she can uphold. Uphold her mother’s traditions, but her mother’s memory and identity. This is similar to agree to disagree, even though she has been guilty remains not to go back and didn’t finished college she fears that she has already failed to uphold her mother’s dreams. An-Mei Hsu: Scar In this vignette, the author writes, “So I knew Popo wanted me to forget my mother on purpose, and this is how I came to remember nothing of her” (Tan 42). This quote shows that her mother was ignored. This ties to balance individuality and closeness because An-Mei is easily allowing the balance of connection and separateness fall apart with her mother. It also lets her know that she cannot be the type of women to have a baby before marriage or who is unfaithful to their husband. Another conflict is when the author writes, “Because sometimes that is the only way to and that of your mother, and her mother before her.
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