Nursing Theorist Margaret Newman

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Nursing Theorist Margaret Newman name taken out.. 02/14/2014 Nursing Theorist Margaret Newman Nursing Theorist Margaret Newman was a woman of many accomplishments. She developed the Health as Expanding Consciousness Theory. She has been a director of research and a professor. She has even earned awards for all of her accomplishments. To begin, Margaret Newman was born on October 10, 1933 in Memphis Tennessee (, 2014). As she blossomed she began to find that she had a desire for nursing several years before she actually obtained her degree. Margaret’s mother developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is the breakdown of motor neurons, while Margaret was in high school. Her mother battled this disease for nine years. For some of this time Margaret was attending college just trying to figure out the person she wanted to be. When she returned home she was challenged with the unique dependence of her mother and siblings. Margaret discovered that she had to take a stand and live life to the fullest taking on whatever challenges arose in front of her. Margaret began to develop a special bond with her mother that might not have ever happened if her mother had not developed this disease. She learned that even thought her mother couldn’t do anything for herself, she was still an entire person, which helped Margaret grow to love her mom more than if she were not so in need of all of her care (Newman, 1994). Margaret felt the call of nursing for a number of years. She first attended Baylor, which was a Southern Baptist university, in 1950. At this particular point in time she had no clue as to what was in store for her future. Margaret was trapped in the 1950’s way of life between religion and the values of life. She thought her goal in life was simply going to be a wife until she was bothered by her conscience to become a

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