The Iliad Summary

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Equal rights for women did not start until the early 20th century. Women were mistreated and thought as a “possession” or an “object” to a man before the 19th Amendment. In the first book of The Iliad, Agamemnon, the leader of the Achaian’s. Throughout the Iliad he is a non sensitive and cruel person. A priest named, Chryseis, asked Agamemnon to let his daughter go from his captivity. Agamemnon laughed in his face. Apollo set a plague on the Achaian’s when Agamemnon did let Chryses’s daughter go. Achilles, the Achaian’s greatest warrior and Agamemnon’s wingman is started to get fed up with Agamemnon. Achilles is a sensitive guy who displays his true character and heart, throughout The Iliad. Achilles is getting mad with everything he is doing. He tries to tell Agamemnon that he should let Chrysies (Chryses’s daughter) go from captivity. Agamemnon tells Achilles that he will put Achilles wife, Briseis up in captivity and let Chrysies go. Agamemnon is showing no respect to Achilles and that is not a smart move to do against your greatest warrior. Achilles eventually quits fighting because he felt disrespected. Achilles made a dumb mistake by letting Chrysies go, and putting his wife in captivity. If he really loved her, Achilles should have stood up to Agamemnon and not let him control his wife. Achilles was willing to fight for his town, but not for his wife which makes no sense. I think Achilles needs to respect him more and the one’s he loves instead of letting Agamemnon walk all over him. Book VI Hector is a well-known, dedicated and true leader of the city of Troy. He is Troy’s toughest warrior and the definition of a true man. He respects his city, family and the gods. That is why Zeus is always protecting the city of Troy. Paris, Hector’s brother, is the heartthrob of the city of Troy. He is married to Helen, who was previously married
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