The Government Should Control Information on the Internet

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The Government Should Control Information on the Internet Since the invention of the internet, people’s lives have been changed forever, and people of the world use it wisely. Most of the changes have been for the best, but it also has some bad effects. The major contribution of the Network is the sharing of information; looking up new knowledge could not get any easier. However, representing the human rights of the community and the power of a country while owning and working the Internet, many people feel that the government should control the internet to protect its own citizens, but some other people argue that the internet should be free from all government control. They argue that government control could kill the internet. The Internet is a worldwide network connecting millions of personal, institutional and corporation computers. The number of computers used by the Internet is growing quickly. In the past, cyberspace has developed with the development in modern technology with government supporting the studying program. Besides to trade information and knowledge and to make easy communication, the most important role of the Internet is to improve citizens intellectually. This requires a clean and plentiful source of information on the Internet that is provided to the community. Some websites or programs are harmful and contain false information because people can be exposed to violence, obscenity problems, and illicit material which finally attributes to the decay of ethical values. First of all, violence is a bad social problem. When a person is exposed too much to violence on the Internet; it will affect their life habits. In a new study reported by news, one half of teens with a MySpace account, indicating many teens had posts, claimed they engaged in risky behaviors, counting acts of violence and self harm. In another instance, many recent attacks
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