The God Delusion

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Compare and Contrast Essay: The debate over God, religion, evolution and science is not only a modern day argument; the struggle for truth goes back far enough to even predate Charles Darwin. Whether it is someone trying to help you accept God into your life or someone spouting out conspiracy theories from the sidewalk, religion is everywhere and always seems to be in your face. Two pieces of literature that mock those who believe in any type of God fearing religion are American Fascists and The God Delusion. By what means do the authors of American Fascists and The God Delusion, Chris Hedges and Richard Dawkins use to disprove religion and what perception does this portray for scientist’s beliefs of creation and the scientific community as a whole? Although they have unlike methods, both Hedges and Dawkins aim to scoff at advocates of religion by focusing on what their beliefs entail and then attempt to discredit them with their own beliefs. American Fascists and The God Delusion both discredit religion and believers but in their own ways. American Fascist primarily focuses on the modern movement used by Christians known as pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is a claim, belief, or practice which is presented as scientific, but lacks supporting evidence and does not stand by a legitimate scientific method. “The movement’s leaders dress up this ideology as scientific to discredit real science.”(Hedges 5) Hedges argument against pseudoscience is that it was only created to reassure believers that evolution is not only a myth but also there is a one-hundred percent probability that it never happened backed by what they consider scientific fact. Christians need to prove the legitimacy of the bible because of the overwhelming evidence that humans were not created in God’s image, but rather one evolutionary step from primates. Pseudoscience is just another tactic used
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