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Don't Get Me Started On- Irrational Beliefs Faith is highly anachronistic aspect of the world today. . Science changes it's views based on what is observed in order to create the best model to explain the world around us, whereas religion is the denial of the said observations in order to preserve an irrational belief. Christianity for example, is based on a book written around 2,000 years ago. The genesis story alone supplies more than enough theoretical fuel to keep an atheist's argument burning. There are people who whole-heartedly believe that the earth was created in 7 days and that science is a lie created by “God” in order to test our faiths, that carbon dating providing evidence of the earth having existed for millions of years is simply trickery devised by “God” to separate those who should be allowed access to heaven and those who are damned to hell for an eternity of suffering. There are people who are strongly against the theory of evolution and they claim “But Evolution is only a theory.” which is true, it's only a theory. If the fact that it is merely a scientific theory automatically discredits it for them then perhaps it also applies to the scientific theory of gravity and they might just float away. A survey was conducted in America,…show more content…
There are people who do good things because of their faiths and the camaraderie of the various religious groups is undeniably beneficial for local communities. However, people who do good things simply because their faith tells them to do so and not because they can see the good they can do with their own eyes need a good wake up call. No God, Preacher, Priest or religious person should have to influence the actions and decisions you make, isn't the human nature enough? Are people too afraid to act upon their own instincts? Will people forever be sheep and follow the words of others, the words of people who lived thousands of years
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