Should Evolution Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Ever since the publishing of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in 1859, there has been no debate that is more intense or widespread than the controversy over the subject of evolution. This conflict between the Christian fundamentalists (advocates for creationism) and the modern scientific community (advocates for evolution) has extended itself to involve school education, especially in the United States. There has been much debate over whether evolution should be taught in the classroom. While both sides have arguments for their case, evolutionists clearly have a stronger case for why evolution, and not creationism, should be taught in American schools. Those believing that evolution should not be taught in classrooms feel that the concept of evolution contradicts one of the concepts promoted by the Bible, known as creationism, or “Creation Science.” Creation Science is a component of Christian fundamentalism that believes Biblical views must be taught in all school subjects, particularly science. Those that believe in creationism believe that the Bible must be interpreted literally, and thus some can still be found that believe that the earth is flat, space flight is a conspiracy, the sun revolves around the earth, or that grasshoppers have four legs, since the Bible describes each of these matters and it must be taken literally (Young, Why Creation Science Must Be Kept Out Of The Classroom). Hence, creationists do not believe in evolution, since the Book of Genesis states that the earth, and all the species within it (including humans), was created by a Supernatural Hand…show more content…
However, since creationism lacks scientific evidence and the First Amendment prohibits it, it should not be taught in school, but rather in places such as church or religion
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