The Ethics And Morals In Society

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Ethics and morality are two different concepts but interrelate that together lead to the same end. The outcome we want is a society of excellence to live and to leave for future generations. Will discuss how ethics and morals in our society have been deteriorating over time. And above all the greatest impact that this problem has had on our society and everyday life where the loss is these values has hurt us all. Ethics are the acts which man performed in a conscious and free form of expression and being, not merely in the simple fact of seeing how they perform these acts, but seeks to judge or point of view on these and for determining whether an act is ethically right or ethically wrong (, LLC). Here is valued a bit between good and bad morals but this is the most important. The set of beliefs and moral values, norms and customs that dictate that guide the action and way of life of the people towards good, and it is the set of beliefs that distinguish between good and evil by doing any act (, LLC). Historically, humans have done good deeds and bad deeds. When an individual performs a good deed may, from within, wonder if he has done is good or bad, but who runs an evil deed unknowingly, may also consider that the act he has done is good because it adapts to the customs the rest of the society in which it operates. Here is a situation we face daily, crimes commit in societies depending on the eye of the beholder would be terrible, but with ethical and moral values of the individual who has commit it may think that he or she did nothing wrong . Ethics and belief and moral influence have to do much in the conduct of a person and society, and are the result of personal reflection here affects everything we do because we distinguish on the basis of experiences as do our actions and where we are to carry. We ourselves know that

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