Personal Values: The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness

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Personal values can be loosely defined as traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile and can represent one’s highest priorities and deeply held values. The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness inventory can give a person an idea of what their ethical styles and perspectives maybe. These values do not only pertain to a person’s personal life but it also translates to the workplace. The writer’s personal assessment shows that he is a person that focuses on character more than he would on equity. His ethical perspectives tend to be based on what it is to be good rather than what it is to do well. When asked to judge another’s actions, this type of person looks past that the actions that took place and concentrate more on the character…show more content…
They maintain a high standard of quality and freshness, often donating items that are in “good” condition to local homeless shelters. By having the belief that taking care of the customer is the number one priority, I believe that my ethical style would fit in nicely at Kudler Fine Foods. As a manager at Kudler, I would be more focused on ensuring that our staff is people with high morals and of very good character. I believe that by having employees of this caliber, that the customer satisfaction would be extremely high. Employees such as this would not be just following protocol but ensuring that we maintain the high level of quality in both food and service to our customers that is necessary in a specialty gourmet food store. Upon first arrival as a manager, it would take some time to read the employees and learn their character and determine if it is ideal to my vision for Kudler. The development of character within individuals is a slow and deliberate process that may have been neglected in this store in the first years of the store. I would also determine if some of the set rules and standards do not have an “artificial” feel to them. It is more about being genuine with ethical rules and beliefs which come from within our employees and can be reflected in our everyday store

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