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Nathan Osborne Phil 186 It’s Good Business: Robert Solomon The author Robert Solomon argues that ethics play a big part in the business world. He does not believe that in order for business management to succeed that they must include unethical or illegal methods to be able to succeed. Solomon believes that business management is not as simple as making revenue. He acknowledges that while illegal and unethical practices in business management could bring positive results in the short run, eventually the business is going to fail in the long run. This is why Solomon recommended eight important rules that can help businesses in including ethics into their business operations. Solomon mentions that unethical…show more content…
According to Robert Solomon, “Good Ethics is Good Business” and “unethical conduct hurts business as a whole”. I agree with his point of view because in the business world, we have witnessed big companies fail and fall down due to their unethical practice. I also agree that being aware of the 3C’s, which are Compliance, Contributions, and Consequences, is the best tool to define Good Ethics in Business. Solomon used Break Breaker Inc. case to prove that unethical business strategy will lead to the quick failure of business. Break Breaker Inc. to some extent obey with some legal rules, but failed to comply with principles of morality and community, contribute to the society by producing honest high quality services, and account the consequence of damaging their reputation. I think that Solomon’s argument is fairly accurate, but everyone’s views are different on this. Some actions may be acceptable to some but unacceptable to others. Ethics provides the bigger picture in the business life and it must be understood. In my opinion, nothing is more dangerous to a business than a bad public image caused by being unethical. Once a company’s reputation has been destroyed, it is hard to rebuild it up. They will always be known for what bad things they have done, no matter how successful they become afterwards. It is sort of like no matter how good of a person you are or the good stuff you do, once you make a mistake, people will always remember that one mistake you made. We as humans tend to be more loyal and truthful to our family and friends compared to when it comes to our jobs and businesses. We should treat customers as our friends and family, and if we feel that lying and cheating is morally

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