Negative Effects On Smoking

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  In the minds of smokers they are not harming anyone but themselves. Though smokers perceive their acts of smoking to be harmless it is in fact the opposite. Smoking does not only pollute the air, but also the streets and ground water from left over cigarette buds. These buds are very harmful for pets and wild life that may find them to be tasty treats. As smokers, they fill the air around them with harmful chemicals and cause health problems for innocent bystander. Though smoking is very harmful the only way to truly stop it is if smokers themselves stop. The effects of smoking on the environment cause damage to the land, water, and to animals. When smokers are finished smoking and their cigarette butts are left on the ground they end up in lakes and rivers. When the cigarettes reach the water all of the chemicals are then transferred to the water. Unfortunately when the butts get into the water fishes and other water animals eat these butts resulting in death of these water bodies. The remaining butt that never make it to the water and are left on the ground will approximately take 25-26 years to decompose. The various additives and chemicals go into the soil, polluting the soil as well as plants. During…show more content…
The first that is given off is the side stream smoke this is the smoke that is given off between the puffs of the tobacco. The second form of smoke that I given off is mainstream smoke. Mainstream smoke is the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker. This second form of smoke mainstream contains basically all of the same cancer-causing and toxic agents that have been identified in the smoke inhaled by the smoker, but at greater levels. Therefore when nonsmokers are exposed to second hand smoke it gives them a greater risk to get cancer. The reason for this is because non-smokers absorb and inhale all of the compounds of the smoke into their body just as smokers

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