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Smoking is detrimental to people’s health and wellbeing causing physical, mental and social issues. Toxins in tobacco can travel anywhere in the body that blood flows causing damage to nearly every organ and system (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). It has been scientifically proven that smokers have significantly increased risks of heart disease, numerous cancers, stroke, emphysema and respiratory diseases (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). In 2003 tobacco was responsible for more than 1 500 deaths (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012) . More than 204 700 years of healthy life was lost in Australia in 2003 (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). Quit Now is a government campaign implemented…show more content…
Quit Now has four support systems in place, a quit line, support groups, quit coach and quit pack. The quit line is a hotline, 13 QUIT, you can call if you are enquiring about the quit book to help with planning to quit and strategies you can implement (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). If you want to talk to someone about the best way for you to quit or to cope with withdrawal symptoms they have someone available 24 hours a day (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). There are many support groups in place where you can go and listen to others experiences or talk about your own. Quit coach provides you with your own quit plan based on your motivation to quit (Australia. Department of Health and Ageing. 2012). Quit coach is a free program for anyone looking to quit (Australia. Department of Health and Ageing. 2012). Quit pack involves the quit book, a guide to the best ways to quit, it has information on where to speak to a Quit advisor, a wallet card on how to cope with cravings and information on ordering DVDs about the “Ten steps to take to Quit” (Australia. Department of health and Ageing 2012). The media is another solution Quit Now uses. Using the media forces people to witness what they are doing to their bodies and how it affect others. The campaign break the chain is a classic example of the media invoking emotions…show more content…
I strongly believe the confronting, forceful way some advertisements, such as the new 2013 campaign Breathless do convince a small portion of society to quit. I think the harsh reality that these advertisements demonstrate would be hard to ignore. However that is only a small portion of people affected by these shocking advertisements, the rest of the population switch television stations. I see people buying cigarette packets all the time. I often think how can they buy these packets when the pictures on them are awful. I would hate it every time I went for a cigarette being religiously confronted with these images. Even using these confronting images on the packets themselves is not solving the problem. I think quit now is a great campaign in its support for people quitting or attempting to. It has great programs in place for people to keep up their efforts. Nevertheless I believe to solve the issue of tobacco sociality must work together. A few advertisements will not stop people from doing this because they are easy to ignore. I think the best way to stop tobacco users is to ban cigarettes completely. Yet that would also cause more problems with people suffering from serve withdrawal symptoms. Quit Now should continue it’s work, who knows maybe in the future it will become more successful with sociality actually taking notice of what they are doing

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