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Name: Isaac Mitchell Specific Purpose: My purpose is to persuade the class why they should recycle. Thesis: to persuade and educate the class on why they should recycle, the problems and the causes and possible solutions on the problem. =================================================================================== I. problem is over use of supplies and pollution of the earth. A. one million sea creatures killed because of plastics and other garbage floating in the oceans every year. In fact, scientists report that this problem is so serious that virtually all seafood now contains plastic. We’re fast running out of space for landfills—especially near cities. Seaside cities have been dumping trash into their oceans for decades to circumvent the problem, but with widespread marine ecological collapse, this is no longer a viable option. Other things include air pollution from factories. B. There are patches in the ocean that are thick, like plastic soup, that have actually been given names. The largest of these has been dubbed The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it is about the size of Texas. We throw away about 2.5million plastic bottles an hour. C. if not stopped over time the earth with slowly decay and changes in the environment will take place such as acid rain or water that’s become to toxic to drink plus animals will die from the trap like waste. D. we must as a species see that the mistake we are making isn’t necessarily a permit one but can be if action is not taken soon or swiftly. II. The Problem is caused by . . . A. The garbage in landfills is usually not treated in any way—it’s simply thrown in a big hole and buried over. Much of this garbage is not environmentally friendly or readily biodegradable—and it’s no surprise that contaminants can get into our water. Rain and other runoff from landfills gets

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